There were seven American high-performance two-door coupes available to car aficionados once upon a time, or around 54 years ago (most of which were also sold as convertibles). 

They each attracted at least 40,000 purchasers annually and all had strong V8 engines. 

With the exception of Ford's Mustang, almost all of those vehicles (as well as automakers) have since vanished, making the Mustang the only "pony car" until 2024 or later.

A declining consumer base is reflected in those declining model numbers. 

Both the Mustang and Dodge's Challenger are still capable of drawing in over 40,000 annual sales. 

However, the Chevrolet Camaro found it difficult to reach 25,000 sales in 2022, and it is evident that their buyer pool has shrunk when one takes into account the rental and fleet clients for each of these vehicles.